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A good engineer solves the problem as per the specification. A great engineer solves the problem with minimal resources( ingenuity) and in addition eliminates most of the negative side effects ( cost, environment, waste etc.).
As an example: How do you manage traffic on a very busy intersection that has many entry and exits?
Good Engineer: Deploy state of art sensor-based traffic lights on each of junctions
Great Engineer: Build a roundabout

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  1. One of my earliest memories is wearing a mask and snorkel and being fascinated with how the sand was moving underwater. The coast captivated me then and, after moving to Australia when I was nine, it was a natural progression of choosing subjects that aligned with my interests in marine science and engineering. Australia is a uniquely coastal-focused nation. The coastline is where we live and where we trade, but it’s also part of our identity. Managing the coastline into the future is one of the important challenges for us to get right, which makes it a really interesting place to focus my energies. Because it is such a dynamic and complex environment, coastal engineering is multidisciplinary by its very nature. As technical engineers, I think the key to our success has been to embrace this complexity. We spend a lot of time building great relationships with our partners and understand the (sometimes conflicting) needs of all three levels of government, industry, the environment and the community.

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