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KIRCHOFF’S CURRENT LAW : KCL states that the total current entering a junction is equal to the total current leaving the junction.
The algebraic sum of the currents at the junction (node) will be zero.
At node n, 

(I2 + I3 + I4) = (I1 + I6 + I5)
I2 + I3 + I4 – I1 – I6 – I5 = 0

KIRCHOFF’S VOLTAGE LAW: KVL is based on the law of the law of conservation of the energy, states that the algebraic sum of voltage drops in a closed loop is zero.

e1 + e2 + e3 = V

e1 + e2 + e3 – V = 0

Flow of currents in loop is assumed +ve from higher potential to lower potential in elements and +ve from lower to higher potential in Sources.

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