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Imagine a pen and a string. You start winding the string around the pen, and you continue to do till you reach the other end. What you get is a concentrated winding. You will find this in a transformer. If you see from the top, it looks like a stack of circles or concentric circles, that’s why such nomenclature.

Now imagine a ball and a string. Of course, you can’t cover the whole area by winding it the way you did in the last case. Here you start making one circular loop around the ball, and you will end up shifting the loops in each successive step, thereby covering the whole area. So basically the turns of the string are distributed. This is what distributed winding is. You will find this type of winding in electrical machines. 

I hope you got a basic idea, Now you see Following winding,

 I Hope you clearly understand.

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  1. This is incorrect. Both examples show concentrated winding. A concentrated winding is one in which the coil side of a phase under one pole is located in one slot. A distributed winding is when the conductors of a phase under one pole are distributed across several slots

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