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Even in the modern age, bikes remain a great invention. They present a healthy and environmentally friendly means of commuting. It is somewhat puzzling, therefore, that the basic framework of bicycles has pretty much remained the same for more than a century. We’re still stuck with chains that require regular, often messy lubrication maintenance. Bike chains can destroy clothing, and make it difficult to fold and transport bikes, among other issues.
The NuBike chainless bicycle is a daring attempt to revolutionize the world of bikes, riding on a chainless technology that promises even better performance. The bike is perfectly optimized to take you further with less effort while overcoming all the shortcomings of ‘chained’ bikes.
Design and features
In the absence of the regular chain, NuBike features lengthened pedal cranks in order to provide more leverage and power. The leverage advantage gives riders the freedom to cover longer distances while expending comparatively less effort. The increase in power, on the other hand, means NuBike would need fewer gears than regular bikes.
Made from the most durable materials
According to the manufacturers, NuBike’s drive systems and carbon-fiber frames are designed to match the “latest and most advanced standards used in military and aerospace applications.” Thus, it is perfectly equipped to accommodate the increased power and torque.
Vertical pedaling
With regular bikes, riders lose an estimated 60% of gravitational energy within each cycle. NuBike’s advanced vertical pedaling system provides continuous gravitational force throughout the entire stroke. The gravity advantage makes it possible for NuBike to pedal itself.
NuBike also comes with a four-speed transmission that equips it to handle hills and difficult terrains. Users also have the freedom to customize their ratios to suit specific applications.
Pain-free ride
While pedaling a regular bike, your legs are engaged in a constant circular motion, which plays a huge part in the joint pain experienced by riders. NuBike, however, features a patented pedaling system that involves straight-line vertical pedaling. Rest assured, biking has never been this easy.
Pricing info
Available information reveals NuBike is yet to be released into the mainstream market. There was an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign between January and February 2019 and the bike’s frame and drive system were priced at $3600 during the campaign. You can visit the official website for more information.
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