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  1. If you are an Indian guy and are looking forward to getting married then be ready for a lot of rejections. No matter even if you make Lacs per month, the bride’s family will always prefer a guy who works at a stable job who makes 10X less over you.
  2. You cant spend most of the money you have, that money needs to be invested back into the business. Even if you are making a ton of money, you can only use a small portion of that money towards personal expenses.
  3. When you don’t have money, people will run away from you, even close friends and family members.
  4. When you have money, you would want to run away from people.
  5. When you are doing poorly as an entrepreneur, people will laugh at you.
  6. When you are doing amazing as an entrepreneur, people will criticize you.
  7. It’s hard to tell why someone is being nice to you, do they really like you or your money.
  8. Social life becomes shit, in the past 3 years I’ve only hung out 10 times with my close friends.
  9. It’s not stable, on some days you can make $5000 on others you may lose the same amount.
  10. Out of the 30 days in a month, you will have 25 really bad days and 5 really good days.
  11. A beautiful girl smiled at you at the gym, you want to approach her but you know that you can’t commit because you don’t have enough free time to be in a relationship.
  12. Your mental state will be completely wrecked, if things go right you would feel that you can conquer the world, the very next moment something wrong happens you will criticize yourselves for being an entrepreneur.
  13. Yea, you get to be the boss, will be getting driven in a BMW 7 series with a well-dressed chauffeur to a plush corporate office, but that’s after working for 10–15 years doing it all by yourselves. Even then it’s not a guarantee that you would make it.
  14. Working hard is the easiest part, but as an entrepreneur, you will be required to work hard, under extreme pressure without having any expectations.
  15. You will have more failures in life than successes so be prepared for that, if you are a college topper who always succeeds, you now need to be more accepting and embrace failure.
  16. Even if you took a break from work, you will always have the cloud of responsibility for your head 24×7. Sometimes even while you sleep.
  17. You will be all alone in this journey, your friends & family might support you in other aspects of your life but when it comes to business and money is involved in the game completely changes.
If you truly like the above problems, then welcome, entrepreneurship is for you.
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