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Did you ever notice birds will sit on distribution wires? The distribution wire can be found along nearly every Street in town on poles usually with three to four wires. But you never see birds sitting on transmission lines!


Transmission line wires are higher in the sky on taller poles. Why don’t you see the birds on these wires? Because electromagnetic fields around high voltage wires will concentrate on sharp points. This concentration is called corona.

Because of this corona effect, as birds fly to the wire, they can feel the electromagnetic fields in their beak and talons and when they feel it they don’t like too much and will fly away.

The electromagnetic fields on higher-voltage (transmission) lines are far more intense than they are on distribution lines you see everywhere in town.

Actually the birds like the distribution wires because the AC current in the distribution wire will warm the wire up to provide a cozy place for the bird to sit. That’s why you see so many birds sitting on distribution wires in the winter.

Now you have the whole story about the bird and the wire.

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