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What is DynamoElectric Machine:

A Machine That Converts Either Electrical Energy into mechanical energy or mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Types DynamoElectric Machine

Generator: When A Dynamo is Driven Mechanically By a Prime mover Such as Diesel Engine, Steam Turbine or Water Turbine and supplies Electrical energy is called generator. 

Motor: When a Dynamo Draws Electrical Energy From The Supply Mains And Drives Mechanical Devices like A shaft is Called Motor.

What is Dynamo: The name dynamo was originally associated with all types of electrical generators, currently it is only used to describe mechanisms capable of producing current and small devices used to generate the power running the lights of bicycles.A dynamo is basically a device able to convert mechanical rotation into electric current via Faraday’s law.

How Dynamos Works?

Principle: Generator works on the principle of electromagnetic induction.Whenever the magnetic field linked with a coil changes, emf is induced in the coil

But Why?

Due to Faraday’s Law of Induction, if you take a wire and move it back and forth in a magnetic field, the field pushes on electrons in the metal. Copper has 27 electrons, the last two in the orbit are easily pushed on to the next atom. This movement of electrons is electrical flow.

Types Of Generators or Dynamos

1) Separately Excited Generator: In a separately excited generator, the field flux is derived from a separate power source independent of the generator itself.

2) Shunt Generator: In a shunt Generator, the field flux is derived by connecting the field circuit directly across the terminals of the generator.

3) Series generator: In series Generator, the field flux is produced by connecting the field circuit in series with the armature of the generator.

4) Commutatively Compound Generator: In a commutatively compounded generator, both a shunt and a series field are present and their efforts are additive.

5) Differentially compound Generator: In a differentially compounded generator, both a shunt and a series field are present, but their efforts are subtracted.

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