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What Is Haron’s Fountain

The great Greek inventor, Heron of Alexandria (sometimes called Hero) created this device as one of his wonderful ways of showing students how the underlying physical and mathematical principles worked.

How Does It Work

At first glance, this appears to be a perpetual motion device; a machine that can keep running forever. However, this is not the case and, as the air supply flask fills with water, the jet of water from the nozzle will decrease in power and stop altogether. To restart the machine, you will need to empty this container and refill the fountain supply container with water.

The water in the Bottle contains gravitational potential energy and, as it falls downwards, it uses the pneumatic pressure of the air in the air supply container to push the water in the upper, fountain supply container. Once the water drops below the level of the outlet tube in the fountain supply, the Heron fountain will stop.

This experiment has lots of variations and many different ways of building depending on time and resources.

Parts That You Need

3 empty coca cola bottle 

3 drinking straw and some water. 

How to use this parts to make Haron’s fountain Watch video – 

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