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There’s a huge myth that charging a phone overnight is bad. Please don’t believe it.
See that?
That’s the logic board from an iPhone 7.
In that logic board, is a circuit that controls charging. It makes sure that the phone charges no more, and no less than it needs to. That protects the battery from damaging itself.
We’re living in the 21st century. Today, no gadget can get away with being built in a way that dangers the user. Remember the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco? It had to be recalled after a good number of them exploded. After that, it was re-released as a safer version of the Note 7. These supposedly safer units did the same thing that their predecessor did. Explode.
Why did this happen?
Because the battery had a new design that caused a few layers of the battery to come in contact with each other.
That device was badly built. If the Note 7 couldn’t get away with being badly built, neither can your phone. Your phone is tested to ensure that it comes up to the market’s standards. It won’t stop working if you plug it in overnight.
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