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Making toys is quite fun but making toys that work like a real-life device is even more attractive. The rockets that you are going to make use syringes that fly off from a launchpad.
The beauty of this idea is that it is incredibly easy to make, anyone with a little bit experience of working with DIY projects can easily put it together.
The launch pad is equipped with electric wires that will provide the essential spark to ignite the fuel in the syringes. Flammable fumes fuel these rockets.
Enjoy the making of this military inspired toy that uses extremely cheap components. You can make this project as a science experiment as well.

Parts That You Need

1) Syringe With Needle 
2) old lighter’s Spark Ignitor 

3) Wire
4) Thin Plastic Piece
5) Wood Pad

6) Glue Gun
7) Fuel

Now How to make It

Basic Steps
Step 1 : Connect lighter ignitor And Wire

Step 2 : Connect Needle And Wire
Step 3: Make Wings From Plastic Pad

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