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We all know that the earth pin is used to protect the user From the short circuit. in an accident of a short circuit resulting in the leakage of current through any of the metal regions of an appliance.

Now Let’s Talk About the reason for its abnormal length and size, Below diagram illustrates a simple earthing circuit.

Reason Why Earth Pin Larger

If a conductor has a large cross-sectional area the resistance offered by it is very less. and current always choose the low resistance path hence larger size.

Reason Why Earth Pin Longer

If An user is holding a plug in one hand and has the other hand in contact with an appliance that has a current leak through the metal body and is trying to connect it to a live socket And the switch is already in ON position even before connecting the plug.

If the earth pin is of normal size the user may get electrocuted due to the short circuit and the surge current that may flow through the metal body due to the live socket.

but if it is longer, the earth pin goes and sits in the socket first so whatever current may flow through the user to the ground will flow through the earth pin to the ground, thus the user is protected.

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