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Almost in every parts that we see around us, whether it is your laptop, mobile, car, motorcycle and a giant machine like aeroplane, tanks, rockets etc. all are made by bolts and screws. We all are familiar with the bolts and screws, we have also used them in our daily life but we don’t know the exact difference between them. So let’s learn about the differences.

Difference Between Bolt And Screw

1) The bolt is an external threaded fastener designed for the insertion through holes in assembled parts. But the screw is an externally threaded fastener capable of being inserted into holes in assembled parts.

2) Generally bolts have uniform circular cross section but the cross section in the screw is not uniform, they have pointed tail in most of the cases.

3) The bolts are always used with the nuts but the screws are always used without nuts.

4) The threads on the bolts are spiral in structure and have smaller pitch. The screw threads are helical in structure and have larger pitch as compared with the bolts.

5) The bolts do not have tapered shank but the screw may or may not have tapered shank.

6) The bolts mostly require wrenches and spanner for the tightening and loosening purpose but the screw mostly requires screw drivers or Allen key.

7) The parts joined with the bolts have greater strength as compared with the screw.

8) The reliability of the bolted parts is more as compared with the screwed parts.

9) The bolts apply compression on the parts which are with them but the screw doesn’t do that.

10) The bolts may available in very large sizes but the screws are available in smaller or medium sizes.

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