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Advantages Of Fuse-Less Capacitor Bank

The main advantages of fuseless capacitor bank are,

1) They are less expensive then fused capacitor banks.

2) They require less space compared to the fused capacitor bank.

3) Less chance of bird fault, snake fault or at fault as the interconnecting wire can be insulated properly in fuseless capacitor bank.

Disadvantages Of Fuse-Less Capacitor Bank

There are also some disadvantages of a fuseless capacitor bank.

1) Any earth fault in the bank, unit, such as bushing fault, insulation failure between a tank and live part of the capacitor, should be cleared immediately by tripping of circuit brake associated with this bank as there is no provision of any fuse.

2) For replacement of any capacitor unit, only identical spare is required. It cannot be managed by available standard capacitor unit. So, there must be sufficient stock of identical capacitor units available at a site which is an extra investment.

3) Sometimes it becomes difficult to locate actual faulty unit of the bank only by visual inspections. Then the time required to replace actual faulty unit will be higher.

4) Sophisticated relay and control system are essential for fuseless capacitor bank. The relay system of the bank should also be capable of tripping the circuit breaks associated with it in the event of input power failure to the relay.

5) An external reactor is required to limit transient current in the capacitor.
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