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 In India, it is very common to ‘squeeze’ our clothes after washing. This is done in order to partially remove the excess water. 

An Indian can very well relate how Mom would ask for help and how you would hold ‘one end’ of the bed-sheet and your Mom the ‘other’ followed by a twisting action. Yeah, of course, I can sense the annoyance in your face as you squeeze.

Ever wondered why we hold the “two opposite ends” and why it becomes necessary for your mother to ask for a helping hand? The answer lies in the Torsion Equation which I assume all the B.Tech Mechanical students are familiar with.

The torque required to produce a unit twist in a shaft is inversely proportional to the length of the shaft between the applied torque and the fixed end”

Hence, longer the length, lesser is the effort or “twisting force” required. 

That is why it is wiser to twist it by the ends rather than twisting it by holding in the middle.

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