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What is the Engine Air Filter?

Impurities such as dust, pollution, and other dirt must be removed from both the air and the fuel. Though gasoline is filtered several times before reaching your vehicle’s engine, the air is simply found around the vehicle, so for All fuel burning engines require a constant supply of clean air in order to function properly. 

Air filters clean the air before it is passed through to the cylinders to prevent dust, dirt, grit, and other particles from causing any damage like corrosion, wear and tear etc

For better understanding you can compare an air filter with your nose as it filters out foreign particles before the air reaches your lungs, ensuring that the respiratory system can function properly.

Why Do We Require Engine Air Filter?

1) An air filter system is required in a vehicle because the clean air gives improvements in the quality of combustion

2) Engine Air Filter Gives Protection Against various defects in the engine like corrosion of the piston, cylinder wall, and also the solid contaminants can cause wear and tear of the various components of the engine.

3) When it comes to air ventilation in passenger’s compartment the need for the air filter system increases as the passenger’s health is the priority.

Types Of Engine Air Filter

Passenger’s Cabin Air Filter-

Passenger’s cabin air filter is the air filters that are used to filter the atmospheric air entering the passenger’s compartment so that while traveling through the vehicle passengers breath the filtered non-polluted air which in turn keep the passengers healthy. 

Passenger’s cabin filters are usually fit in the duct that connects the cabin ventilator to the atmosphere and can be changed whenever required by just pulling the lower dashboard cabin.

Internal Combustion Engine Air Filter 

internal combustion engine requires a proper mixture of air and fuel, and the air used is taken from the outer atmosphere which is contaminated with lots of foreign materials like dust, solid particles etc. that can harm the engine by causing wear and tear and by contaminating the engine oil which in turn decreases the overall efficiency of an engine, so an intake system of a car is fitted with an air filter known as intake air filter.

An intake air filter is a rectangular filter consisting of a filtering material like paper placed inside a housing and is fitted inside the air box of an intake system of an automobile vehicle that can filter the air entering the engine’s cylinder during suction stroke of an engine cycle, which in turn prevent the engine from wear and tear and also helps in maintaining the quality of engine in order to increase the engine life and performance.

Various Types Of Internal Combustion Engine Air Filter Used In Automobile vehicle-

Paper – a special filter with small pores that looks like paper is used as an air filter which provides filtering of air by restricting the flow of solid contaminants and dust particles.

Foam – A normal sponge-like filter is used in an automobile that absorbs the contaminants inside the air flowing through this filter.

Cotton filter- Oiled cotton gauze is used as a filter in an automobile vehicle that is the modified version of paper and foam filters as it provide adsorption and absorption of solid particles and other harmful contaminants respectively.

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