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I am sure all mechanical engineers must be knowing this. And I am also sure many other people would also be knowing this! So these are not something that only mechanical engineers know.

Steel Or Rubber, Which is More Elastic? 

No! It’s not rubber. All the mechanical engineers know why!

The definition of elasticity is actually opposite to the commonly perceived one. The more difficult it is to stretch a material, the more elastic it is. This is because elasticity is the ratio of stress(resisting force per unit area) and strain(change in length upon original length).

You Can Boil Water Without Raising its Temperature

If you’re able to lower the pressure outside the water surface. This will break the attractive forces among the molecules, thus setting them free as vapour.

Boiling is a term which means, allowing the particles of a liquid to separate and begin roaming around as a gas. For this one needs to either, raise the temperature until this happens or to remove pressure (atmospheric) which is holding the liquid surface molecules in place.

You cannot Apply Stress To Anything

You can apply pressure to anything, not stress. Stress is induced not applied. The force that you apply to a specific area, is the cause of the pressure on that area, but the force applied back by that area, is responsible for the induced stress.

You Can Cut Metal With Water!

Water is mixed with abrasive particles and used as a jet under high pressure to cut a wide variety of materials like metals, rubber, granite, wood etc.

This is called water jet cutting. And the jet is called an abrasive jet.

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