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why 1.5V batteries Cylindrical and 9V Batteries rectangular shaped?

First Lets Talk About 1.5V battery 

Batteries form a cylindrical shape to put the chemical electrolyte paste in a layer around the center electrode. This is the most efficient way of doing that. If you roll a bandage over your hand it will be in cylindrical shape and the bandage is uniform around your hand. So I think you understood why the batteries are cylindrical.

Now you may be confused why the 9V batteries are rectangular right. That’s normal.

I think you know when batteries are connected in series (one after another, like (+ -)(+ -)(+ -) ) the voltage gets added. That means if the three batteries are 1.5 volts each the net voltage will be (1.5 + 1.5 + 1.5) =4.5V. But if you put the batteries in parallel (all battery’s same terminals are connected ) then you will get 1.5V.

So if you want to make 9V using 1.5V batteries you need six 1.5V batteries (6*1.5= 9V) connected in series.

If you open a 9V battery carefully, you will see six batteries. All of which are 1.5V and in a cylindrical shape. Here are few pictures.

9v Batteries
9v Batteries

So I think it is clear to you that why they are in rectangular shape.

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