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This is a Keyboard.

You use it to type anything on the computer.

Now What happens when you type incorrectly? 

You press backspace and retype it again.

This is a Stenotype.


for example, a journalist typing down a speech. He needs accuracy and speed while typing. He can’t have the politician repeat his words again and again. They have a specific set of letters from the above set which have a specific meaning. They type that.

What if they make a mistake? They have a key the middle key in the original typewriter picture for space. 

But where is the backspace?

Modern Day Texting

He: What’s your favorite Color?

She: Ted 

He: *Red

What Did he do?

Added an asterisk to correct my mistake.

How did the use of asterisk come up?

Well, it’s a practice by writers to add an asterisk beside the mistake, to indicate it’s a mistake and correct it later on. That’s how the practice of using an asterisk while texting came up.

You’d be thanking that asterisk right now for saving you from all those embarrassing autocorrects your phone made.

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