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Electric Motor

A lot useful machine. From toys to large industries motor is used. We have tiny size motor to the huge one.

Electric Car

Who doesn’t know about Tesla cars? 

Tesla car uses Brushless 4-pole,3-phase AC motor, which is again an electrical engineering marvel. A motor is a main part of the electric car. Thomas Parker invented the first electric car who is an electrical engineer.


You cannot imagine a highly efficient power system without the transformer. Electricity supply to your home which is generated very far away from you. it is possible because of the transformer. Thanks to Nikola Tesla for AC.

Three Gorges Dam

Electrical engineers have not stopped planning bigger miracles in the field of Power Systems Engineering. The fruitful use of this huge dam is possible when electrical engineer involves in it. This hydroelectric dam is the World’s largest power station in terms of its installed capacity – 22,500 MW !!! It has 34 generators.

generators in Three Gorgeous Dam power plant

Underground Cable

These help in powering a distant island & wherever offshore wind farms are to be connected with the mainland or the grids of two countries are to be connected to one another across the sea.

Renewable Energy

Harnessing efficiently these sources by Solar panels, windmills, tidal energy, etc.

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