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here The Top Ten list which we think are the ten best supercar/hypercar engines and why they made the list Fair?

5.0Lt V10 (E60 M5, BMW)

This was a time when 500bhp was in Lamborghini’s & Ferrari’s best. BMW made the motor or exclusively for the M5 & the M6. Sure the cars were butt ugly, but the motor on this thing. This is as close as you’ll get to a BMW Hot Rod. It revved all the way to 8250rpm and made 510bhp, propelling the car all the way to 200mph. And this was in 2005.

7.3 Lt V12 (One-77, Aston Martin)

The fact that this is the most powerful naturally aspirated v12 will not escape your mind once you put your crystal fob in. The classic case of British craftsmanship combined with this baritone will make you feel like the man (James Bond) himself. It’s not power, rated to 750bhp but the experience that’s special with this one. Automotive art indeed.

6.0 Lt V.8 (Zonda R, F, Cinque, AMG/Pagani)

Horacio Pagani’s collaboration with AMG Mercedes was mostly one-sided. meaning there was no input from Pagani when it came to their wonder child. This 6.0 Lt V12 is all AMG. The violence this thing puts it’s driver through alone should prove that beyond doubt. This motor makes, in one tune, close to 760bhp. And It is a piece of work, this thing.


2.0Lt Turbo (AMG, Mercedes)

What’s a tiny 2 Lt 4cylinder Pot doing in this fray? I’ll explain. by churning close to 380bhp now, This is the most powerful production spec 2.0lt motor ever made. period. Also gives close to 40mpg. That’s unheard of in a performance sedan.

5.0lt triplex supercharged V8 (Agera RS, Koenigsegg)

This one needs no introduction. The legendary One:1 is powered by a supercharged 5.0 V8 that, with Koenigsegg’s patented triplex technology, makes about 1 MegaWatt of power. That’s 1340bhp in car math. It is no surprise this car currently holds multiple world records for top speed and fastest acceleration runs.

6.5 Lt V12 (Aventador SV, Lamborghini)

The best v12 Lamborghini ever made will probably be its last one. The 6.5Lt v12 in this thing is tuned to perfection. The redline kicks in at 9250rpm and the motor, along with all the savagery, makes 750 bhp in the “SV”. If that isn’t great, I don’t know what is.

6.0 Lt twin turbo W12 (CGT/CFS W12, Bentley)

This deserves a spot here purely on a technological basis. The w12, which was also introduced in the Audi A8 after first being a featured in the VW Phaeton, is now used exclusively in the A8(Audi) and Bentley’s continental flying spur. This w12 is rated to make 626bhp in the Bentley, which is understandable, considering that propels the 2.5-tonne Luxo-barge to over 200mph with ease.

3.8lt Twin turbo Flat 6 (911 GT2 RS, Porsche)

The legendary flat-6 from Stuttgart has been honed to perfection over several years. What first started as an interesting approach now became their party piece. This terribly well balanced 3.8lt flat 6, in the new GT2rs, makes close to 700bhp.

6.3 Lt V12 (812 Superfast, Ferrari)

Ferrari makes great v12 engines. That’s no secret. However, they hit it out of the park with this particular 6.3Lt v12, This one’s tuned to make 789bhp at 9500rpm. That’s… high strung. This engine also powers the LaFerrari series. Should I even bother talking about the exhaust noises.?

16.4 Lt W16 (Chiron, Bugatti)

Do I have to explain myself with this one? First seen in 2009, the w16 that produced 1001bhp came with 10 radiators and 4 turbos are nothing short of tech wizardry. In 2017, the same engine makes 1491bhp. Like I inferred, a no-brainer.

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