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In this article, We will explore the importance and main parts of gearbox. Learn about the key parts that keep your machinery running smoothly. Discover how understanding gearbox anatomy can optimize performance.

parts of gearbox

What is The GearBox?

A gearbox is a transmission device which is used between the engine’s output shaft and the final drive to transfer required torque and power to the vehicle’s Wheels, a gearbox consists of gears. which are arranged in order to achieve speed ratios or speed of the final drive.

Why Do We Require GearBox?

When You drive a Vehicle you face continuous changes in road conditions, due to continuous changes in road conditions we require different torque and different speeds have led us to develop a device which provides different speeds in order to keep the vehicle moving.

When a car starts, the torque provided by the engine output shaft is not enough to overcome the weight of the vehicle which makes it difficult to move the car initially, to solve this problem a gearbox is required which can provide high torque initially to move the vehicle.

When a vehicle is going at high speed, torque is not at all effective so a gearbox is needed that can provide a high-speed low torque ratio so that the vehicle can maintain the high speed.

When you go to the hill station your vehicle must be equipped with a device that can provide a wide range of high torque, to fulfil this you need a gearbox, so that a vehicle can go to the hills.


Main Parts Of GearBox

Main Shaft

It is the shaft used as an output shaft in a gearbox, this shaft is usually kept parallel to the lay shaft and in front of the clutch shaft or engine output shaft, the change of gear usually occurs through this shaft as it is usually connected to the gear lever.

Clutch Shaft

It is the shaft which carries the engine output to the gearbox, the engaging and disengaging of the engine output happens with the help of a clutch.

Counter Shaft 

It is the shaft due to which the engine output is transferred to the main shaft by the continuous meshing of the gear on the layshaft to the gear on the clutch shaft.


They are the connecting circles with teeth that rotate and meshes with another gear on the different shaft to transmit the circular motion between 2 different shafts, they can be spur gear, helical gear, bevel gear worm gear etc.


Dog Clutches

They were used in old gearboxes like constant mesh gearboxes, to avoid the sliding of gear over the shaft for meshing or shifting as they slide over the shaft to shift a gear.

Gear Changing lever

It is the lever operated by the driver to change or shift the gear, the movement of the lever is designed in a particular fashion.

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